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News and Announcements

We have extended the due date to purchase your yearbook! April 20, 2021

Hello 5th Grade Families!

We have extended the due date to purchase your yearbook!

Deadline is extended to 4/20/21

We still need more fun photos of your kids to fill up our pages! Please upload them into the appropriate shared folders on Tree Ring.

If there are any of you that are not able to purchase yearbooks during this difficult time please email Shelly at and we will make sure your child gets one!

Yearbook Committee,
Shannon, Erica and Shelly

Kindergarten Orientation

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
Join us on YouTube Live:

Read-A-Thon Results

Watch this video to find out about the voting results for meeting our school's Readathon goal! Dr. Lee and Mr. Oleisuk will be in costume this Friday! Find out about March Madness voting too!

New Health Screener starting Tuesday 30 March

Richmond Street, along with Center Street, will be discontinuing the use of the BCHD health screener and switching over to the Ruvna health screener. Please checkout the updated Reopening Handbook for more details, and be on the lookout for a Ruvna text message with a link to the screener each morning.
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