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Thank you for all that have participated in these stories/activities bringing together our school community and devoting time to the love of reading!
1. Watch this video of the story I Knew You Could, especially read by the teachers and staff of Richmond Street School!
2. Choose one of the ACTIVITIES below:
a. Draw a heart and inside it write down what you think the author's message was or what lesson our heart should take away from this book.
b. Create a snack out of food in the shape of a train. When you eat it, remind yourself to keep an "I think can" mindset.
c. Follow the directed video on how to draw a train or draw your own train. At the top or bottom of your picture, write the sentence: I knew I could (fill in something you accomplishedd, learned, or are proud of).
3. In our Padlet, post a photo or video of one of your completed activities. Use password: rssreads.
Additionally, there is another read aloud of the book I Am Human, read by parent and PTA Council President, Paul Lanyi. Thank you Mr. Lanyi for this wonderful contribution!
Email Mrs. Haun with any questions -