Parent Education Night

          Can you teach a child to be kind? This vital question is taking on a new urgency as our culture
grows ever more abrasive and divided, and as we see so much unkindness on social media and in
public communications.

We all want our kids to be kind. But as a parent, how do you know what to do to teach kindness?
To inspire and develop kindness as a habit and practice in your children and your household?
Please join us in the Richmond Street School Cafeteria on Wednesday, November 7th at 6:30pm
for this timely Parent Education Night. Brian Williams of Think Kindness will join us to share
helpful tools and resources for parents as we navigate our increasingly challenging world. You
will walk away with actionable steps to implement with your kids the next day.
AND, Brian is bringing his team of “Kindness Ninjas” with him to provide childcare for the night.
These fun team members will work with all children during the parent workshop, to teach them
how to be a kindness ninja and do as many secret kind actions as they can.