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President's Message


Hello RICHMOND STREET FAMILIES – My name is Deanna McLaughlin I am returning for one more year as your 2019-2020 PTA President. My daughter Sullivan will be in her final year at Richmond, while my son Declan is moving down the hall from Kindergarten to 1st Grade. This year will definitely be an exciting one for our family and we hope it is for yours as well.


I have been fortunate over the last several years to work closely with our administrators, teachers, staff, and fellow parents to continue to provide additional support and programs for our children. The amount of dedication and collaboration between each of these groups, so that we may bring the best possible elementary school experience to our children, is truly amazing. From the most devoted and caring teachers, to the hardest-working administration and staff, and the amazing parents who volunteer their time throughout the year, I could not be more honored to be a part of the magic that happens every day at Richmond Street School.


Over the past few years, the RSS PTA has been working to create a kinder, friendlier, and gentler PTA. I firmly believe that we have made great strides towards this goal and we will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure that our entire school community feels welcomed and involved. I not only welcome new ideas and faces, I encourage anyone to reach out and bring a fresh perspective to our organization. I have met some of the most amazing people during my time at RSS, who have made impacts of all sizes and I am truly grateful for each one. For my final year, I will continue to work my hardest to make sure that everyone feels as though they have a place in our PTA.


As president, I am most proud of the diversity that makes up our membership. We are mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers, administrators, and staff. Anyone is welcome to join our team and we value each member the same. By joining PTA, you can directly help enhance your student’s educational experience. At our meetings, you learn about all the amazing things happening at our school as well as in the district. At our many events, you get a first hand look at all the great things we can accomplish together. Through our fundraisers, we are all able to directly support our school.


I am very excited to see what the new school year has in store for us all. As we start this new year, please look out for the many opportunities to join PTA and to be able to personally make your imprint on your child’s education. If you have any questions regarding PTA or have and idea you would like share please feel free to contact me directly at

 RSS Butterfly

I am looking forward to another fun and successful year!