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We have access to a wonderful world of interactive eBooks using the school's subscription to  It delivers hundreds of  leveled eBooks spanning 27 levels.  The program has 400+ eBooks and open-book eQuizzes, with new books added every month.  Here’s a conversion chart listing their leveling system by age, grade, and Lexile Level correlations.The site should be fairly simple to navigate, however here’s a 5 minute video tutorial.

This program is only available for grades K-2,  as well as Reading Intervention and Learning Center Students (grades 3-5).  In fall, subscriptions for out-going second graders will not be renewed, so use up those points!

Please take advantage of this fantastic program at home.  The eBooks would be great to use for required homework minutes or to read on-the-go!


  • Raz-Kids helps students improve their reading skills as they listen to a book read for modeled fluency.  Students also read the books for practice, clicking on troublesome words for pronunciation and vocabulary support.  I encourage you to have your child read the story aloud so you can provide praise and coach as needed.
  • Students can record themselves reading the same book if the computer/tablet has a built-in record function or plug-in microphone.  Teachers have access to all recordings of students from their own classrooms, but they are not required. Listening to recordings at home is a great way to self-reflect, monitor progress, and build fluency.  If you cannot, however, don’t worry, your child will benefit from all the other program components. There are also other eTools/features to support interaction with the text.
  • Interactive quizzes occur at the end of each book to check for understanding.  If too many questions are missed, students need to reread the story again before they are able to take it again.  Data reports are available to monitor activity as well as comprehension skills broken down (recall, vocabulary, inference, problem/solution, fact/opinion, sequencing, etc.)
  • A Reading Rocket and Avatar Builder incentive program is also tied in as students earn stars and badges for their achievements. They love this!  



  1. Go to the website:
  2. Click on Kids Log In box.
  3. Type in the teacher username: (contact your teacher if you do not have this information) and click GO.
  4. Find your child’s name on the chart and click it.
  5. Type in student password: (contact your teacher if you do not have this information)


  • LEVEL UP gives access to all the books in a specified level. The assignment will automatically progress the student to the next level after every book has been read and listened to, and every quiz passed with 80% or higher.  A green check denotes complete and a black check denotes something to re-do.  
  • The Reading Room is where students can access reading resources for reading practice and enjoyment - find books by topic, category, and popularity. In addition, students can save their favorite books.


Your child can choose to listen, read, or take a quiz by clicking on the symbols below each book.  To review activity, quiz scores, or send messages, go to Parent Access. Simply log in as your child, click the "Parents" link in the top right, and register today.


Download the Raz-Kids App (called Kids A-Z) -This app lets you access the eBooks and eQuizzes on your tablet, iPhone, or iPod!  All student activity in the app is captured and reported to teachers at Take your books on the go anytime, anywhere!