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Headsprout Adaptive Reading Program

I have access to 1 classroom (36 seats) to Headsprout, an individualized, adaptive reading program used in reading intervention class. I currently have enrolled 3rd grade and Kinder Reading Intervention students. 

The Headsprout System

What truly sets Headsprout apart from other online reading programs is its one-of-a-kind scaffolded teaching approach that automatically adapts so every student receives the individualized practice and instruction they need. With Headsprout, kids learn to read and read to learn. Early readers interact with engaging online episodes and read printable eBooks designed to instill key reading fundamentals like phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and beginning comprehension. Once readers have demonstrated a solid grasp of the basics, they move on to episodes created to teach the four primary components of reading comprehension: finding facts, making inferences, identifying themes, and learning vocabulary in context.

Headsprout has been rigorously tested and is the perfect online instructional resource for schools and parents looking for an effective, adaptive, and fun kids' reading program that is easy to implement and use. Every child can become a successful reader. Headsprout is the program that will help them reach that goal.

Headsprout's Technology Adapts to Meet the Needs of Every Unique Learner

  • Multiple levels of error correction embedded within the sequence ensure student mastery before moving on
  • Embedded progress assessments ensure students understand core reading concepts and provide practice for future high-stakes tests
  • Automated reports make it easy for teachers and parents to quickly track student progress through the program
  • Built-in motivational sequences and rewards encourage students and keep them engaged

Headsprout Early Reading includes:

  • 80 online lessons and 90 printable stories
  • Research-based, balanced, phonics-based online reading instruction
  • Individualized, adaptive instruction for each student
  • Built-in assessment and performance reports
  • Easily implemented, minimal professional development required

In Early Reading Program, Students will:

  • Be reading up to the mid-2nd grade level
  • Have a fluent knowledge of more than 90 phonetic elements and more than 100 sight words
  • Know a potential reading vocabulary of more than 5,000 words
  • Have experienced the progression from single word comprehension to building meaning and inferential story comprehension
  • Obtain a mastery of the skills and strategies necessary to succeed on standardized tests.

Headsprout Reading Comprehension teaches children how to comprehend what they read. It provides elementary readers with engaging instruction in how to read for meaning and how to apply these skills across subject areas and on standardized tests.

Headsprout Reading Comprehension includes:

  • Fifty, 30-minute online lessons which teach students strategies to master the four main components of comprehension: Finding facts, Making inferences, Identifying themes and the “main idea,” and Learning vocabulary in context
  • Makes learning new vocabulary fast and easy with our proprietary vocabulary acquisition system
  • Individualized, adaptive instruction, not just practice answering questions, as students are actually taught how to comprehend and the reason for learning comprehension
  • Increasing passage complexity as the program progresses to include more complex sentences and longer passages, more answer choices and more variation in questions. Passages and vocabulary teach a variety of subjects and include: tables of contents, headings, maps, and measurement: scales, rulers and charts
  • Automated progress reports that show what your child is learning



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