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Ms. Lisa Hong » Ms. Hong's Kindergarten Class - Room 215

Ms. Hong's Kindergarten Class - Room 215

Dear Families,

Welcome to an exciting year in Kindergarten! I am thrilled to get to know your family better throughout the year!

This is my fifth year at Richmond Street School and I am super excited to be here! I look forward to creating a strong classroom community where students will feel safe to grow academically and socially.

Once school is in session, I will be sending home more information about our class. You and your family will receive important information about my homework policy, classroom rules, and questionnaires.

Your dedication to your child’s academics is so important as we will work as one team for your child’s success! I look forward to having your support this year for homework, discipline, and attendance. Working together, I know that we will have an amazing year! I look forward to meeting all of you very soon.

Warmest regards,
Ms. Hong