Contact Information
E-mail: mvarghese@esusd.k12.ca.us
Telephone: (310) 606 - 6831
Feel free to contact me at any time :)

Upcoming/Ongoing Events    

  • Remote Learning: Monday, March 16 through Friday, April 3, 2020
  • Spring Break: April 6-10
Online Educational Resources
Here is a list of resources that your child can use online to help with reading, typing, and math skills. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Raz Kidshttps://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login (The teacher username is mvarghese2. Your child's password is his/her name.)
Frecklehttps://student.freckle.com/#/login (Your child's first name and last INITIAL, then the class code: varghw)
Richmond Street School's Core Values
When interacting with others, the Richmond Street School community will:
  • Assume Goodwill
  • Listen Actively
  • Communicate Constructively, Clearly, and Respectfully
  • Explore and Respect Others' Perspectives
  • Be Patient, Proactive, and Positive in Reaching Consensus