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Grades of Green

Richmond Street is partnering with two amazing organizations and we are looking for some parents to help us start up these programs. We are partnering with Grades of Green, , and Food Finders, . With Grades of Green, we are going to start a program called Waste Free Wednesday. Currently we are throwing away 8 trash bags and 1 recycle bag per day during our lunchtime. We are hoping to improve those numbers, and at the same time, educate our wonderful RSS students about what is recyclable and how to sort our lunch trash. Here is a link for more information about how to pack a trash free lunch! While we have started up an official Green Team of students at our school, we would love some parent support helping students at the trash sorting stations once a week. If you are interesting in supporting our Green Team during lunchtime please click here for the sign-up genius for the dates we will be needing help! We can’t make this program possible without volunteers like you, and these efforts help reduce our school’s environmental footprint.

Our second partnership is with the inspiring organization Food Finders. Food Finders is a non-profit, food rescue organization serving Los Angeles and Orange Counties. They pick up extra food that would normally be thrown away, and deliver it to a nearby shelter or agency that same day. They donate food to over 330 agencies, providing meals for the homeless, disabled, and elderly as well as low-income families. This partnership is doubly beneficial in that not only does our school reduce our waste, we are also able to help those in need. We are hoping during our Waste Free Wednesdays, we can also collect any packaged food that would normally get thrown away.

While we will need some volunteers on Wednesdays, we are also looking for some long-term volunteers that would like to work with some of our staff on continuing and possibly expanding this program. If you are interested please email Celia Plotkin at This is a unique opportunity to get involved with school and make a difference for our planet!

We are very excited to have a school wide kick off assembly with Grades of Green on April 17th! Here are some links for those who are interested in the program!

Link for Waste Free Wednesday Volunteers:

Food Finders Organization: